Amisfield Bistro – Queenstown Lunch

IMG_0745Sophisticated, clever and delicious.

IMG_0747We didn’t do the  trust the chef tasting as we had done that last visit but I would definitely recommend that for first timers. Everything is made to share on the main menu and as this post is written a month later I can’t remember the full dish details.

IMG_0748Entree: Smoked eel with duck liver mousse and crispy bread crackers (can’t remember what they were called). I’m not much of a fan of eel but I happily scooped up those little dollops of mousse.

Main: Market fish with seaweed cracker and potatoes. The fish was perfectly cooked – firm but well seasoned and the seaweed crackers cracked then melted in the mouth. The potatoes were fluffy but not too soft and dressed with amazing Amisfield olive oil.

Dessert: I had a satisfactory affogato, but Lindsay’s peach souffle was the stand out dish and I was well-jel.

Amazing food and service, but I felt fussy diners affected the atmosphere. I could hear the entire conversation (and complaints) of our neighbours, saw a table with four children stand up and leave after reading the menu and a couple leave a barely touched main on the table.

Delicious food but be prepared to share your food as well as your experience with others!




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